Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Green Chair.. Danish Modern chair restoration Part 1

For the next couple of post we'll be following a Danish modern chair through my shop. The twist on this restoration blog will be that all the restoration will be done with green/eco friendly products.

Here is the chair we will be working on over the next couple of blogs.
It’s a cool vintage Danish modern chair. I picked this chair up at a local flea market “The Grange” for 10 bucks. It’s got this crazy laced seat & back with legs that are bolted on to the frame with wing nuts! Yeah wing nuts (so funny) a tribute to 50's/60'S mass production! Here is another picture enjoy! Keep an eye for part 2.. ~CHAIRMAN

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Furniture Save of the month.. Buy old stuff people

Howdy folks! It’s been a great month at the shop! Aside from the cold slowing things down a bit we are cursing along. Those chairs from my last blog sold fast, thanks to criaglist they now reside in Harlem NY.
So here is the new piece of the month! It’s an unbelievably large 54”round oak table with a massive base. It’s all solid oak & has eight 11” leaves.. Yep 8 leaves! So this baby opens to just about 12’ long. You could even fit a few people you don’t like around this one. They would be so far away you would have to talk to them. If you’re a do-it yourselfer its yours for 450.00 or I can restore it complete for 1500.00. So the question is do you have the vision? Look at the other Oak table on my blog to see its potential, if your vision is limited.


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Did you save some furniture today?

Happy New Year!

Yeah, I have been out of the blogging loop for the last couple of months. Hell let’s call it like it’s been, a year. 2008 was crazy work as we welcomed my son Kooper into the world (AKA“the Chairboy”).

Just an up and down year in the shop with the economy slowly going down the drain but we survived and are stronger for it. With the economy the way “they say” it is, it’s even more of a reason to restore your furniture and save some money. Even buy used furniture or an Antique and restore it. At the end of the day you’ll have a like new used unique piece that is better quality and cost less than anything you’ll buy new. Check out these pieces below that I am selling.
Here is a great example of a used furniture score. Six solid mahogany shieldback chairs, what a deal. They have fantastic needle point seats and carved detail on the backs. They will however need to be restored.
her is the deal I offer on restoration projects in my shop..
They will cost $175 each refinished and $85 each for the seat redo. The only other cost could be for new fabric if the new owner isn’t into needlepoint. Bottom line, the cost would be $260 each for chairs that would retail at $400 or $500 each. That’s reusing and recycling baby!
Here is another great side of the road score. Yeah, the chairman can’t just drive by. He’s saving one piece of furniture at a time! Again recycling and keeping another piece out of our landfills.
This leads into what’s new for the Chairman in 2009! I will be offering environmentally friendly restoration options, safe non-chemical stripper as well as finishing with no or low VOC finishes. We have finally found some water based finishes that work! Also some fantastic oil and wax fishes that rock!
This roadside table was stripped with an eco-friendly stripper and finished with an oil and wax finish! For more info shoot me an email or leave a comment.
See ya next time.. save some furniture folks!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Buy this table & chairs!

Look at this Table and chairs I am selling this week.

Check out these chairs..
How about this table..

Remember Buy old stuff.. It will last longer then anything new you purchase!

Email me for pricing check out more pictures on my flickr site.